I(Faith) was once a stressed out bride. I coordinated everything myself, put out all the fires, told everyone what needed to be done, and just about lost my mind in the process. I look back at my wedding day, now semi-tainted with stress and feelings of bewilderment. Please don’t get me wrong, my wedding was the best day of my life, but that was because I married my best friend, and partied all night long with my friends and family. Not because noting went wrong.

After my own experience, I really wanted to help my friends on their wedding days. I didn't want them to feel overwhelmed, but rather I wanted them to fully enjoy and revel in all the simple delights of the day. What started out as working with friends has now morphed into much more. 

Now, as my husband and I look towards starting a family, I’m excited to move out of my current teaching job which requires strict hours each week, into full-time wedding coordinating which can be more flexible. 

Partner with us and we promise to help you focus on all the simple delights of your wedding day, and forget about the stress that can go with coordinating a wedding.