Surviving Engagement (Part 2): Choosing your date!

It's far more complex than you may think. 

So you have the ring, and you're becoming confident about where you want to get married...but now you have to figure out when to get married! There is so much to think about and I touched on it briefly in my previous blog post "Top 4 things to do as soon as you get engaged", but I'll expound further now using the four seasons. 

Winter. Winter can be a magical time to get married. Snow is falling, things tend to look more sparkly, the holidays and Valentines day scream for a little romance...*Sigh* I could go on and on. You can also use greenery from Christmas in your decor and which can be quite warm, and inviting amidst the cold chill outside(and cost efficient if you already have a ton or have a pine tree in your yard). Warm cranberry red, deep greens, sage, ivory, navy blue, all colors that exclaim winter. And yes, you can have a winter wedding without it turning into a "winter wonderland" or "Christmas" theme. Trust me on this one. Aside from my personal distaste for being cold, I adore winter weddings. 

As a whole, winter prices at many venues will be lower than any other time of the year, but as you near holidays like Christmas and Valentines day prices may peak due to demand. 

You also need to consider bad weather when you look at winter. Yes, you can have storms and rain (Check out my blog post "Caitlin and Andrew: What to do when it rains on your parade") during other seasons, but winter can be a bit more risky when snow and ice get involved. Your guest need to be able to travel safely to your wedding. With that you also need to consider if you venue has heat (a lot of old barn type structures do not). 

Spring. With spring comes new life, pastel colors, and warmer weather (though often rainier). If you are looking for a lighter color pallet of lavender, pale yellow, and rose pink, wistful flowers, and sunshine without the stale humid heat of summer, spring might be a good time for you to get married. 

 Prices in the spring typically are on the cheaper side, until you get later into the month of May and beginning of June, which can be quite popular months to get married if you live near a college or university. Then you may see a rise in demand and cost. 

As far as weather is concerned, you should be clear of ice and snow, but it's rain you have to fight with now. If you are set on an outdoor wedding, spring can be a great choice, just ALWAYS have a rain plan in place. And be okay with whatever your rain plan is, because if you're not happy with it during the planning process, you won't be happy if you have to use it. Know that it's not ideal, but be okay with what the weather throws at you. 

Summer. I was a brave summer bride that decided to get married in the middle of July. Do I regret it? Not for a second. Summer weddings can be outside (I'm all for lawn games), less formal if you so wish, and can anyone say, wild flowers? I'm a big fan of berries and wild flowers, but that is just my nature. Summer weddings typically have bolder colors; raspberry reds, lemon yellows, deep blues, pinks, and mint green. It's also prime time for people to have time off work, however with that in mind, your family and friends are prone to be traveling for vacation, so be sure to give them plenty of notice with your save the dates. If you love being outside in the warm, bright sun, a summer wedding could be for you.

Cost in the summer typically are higher as a rule of thumb. They are one of the most popular times to get married.

Summers can be HOT. Seriously though. The humidity is high, which will make keeping your hair in place far harder, and cause you to sweat in places you didn't know you could sweat. Trust me on this one. I got married in July. The sun can also be extremely bright at different points in the day, shinning in your or your guests faces if you choose an outdoor venue with little shade. Summer storms can happen, but the same thing with spring applies here: Have a rain plan. On a positive note, the sun sets much later in the summer, providing you with plenty of light well into your evening.

Autumn. If you love warmer earthy tones, cooler days, and the change in leaves, autumn could be the right season for you. Autumn weddings are great for so many reasons. Russet, warm reds, copper, and indigo all make fall weddings ones you just want to cozy up to. You can use various natural things to decorate with, as harvest season is in full swing, and spiced smells fill the air. 

Cost in the autumn season are typically lower than the summer, though they fall in second place for the busiest season to get married, behind summer weddings with good reason. They are a great time to say "I do". 

Autumn weddings are splendid, because the days are warmer, and evenings cooler, making you want to snuggle up closer to your new forever and always.  Also, unless we have a busy hurricane season on the east coast(I just realized if you don't live on the east coast many of my weather predictions could be completely wrong. Sorry about that), you are not as likely to encounter rain. The trees outside make for a great backdrop to any photo, and your likely to have a lot to be thankful for when all is said and done. 


All this to say, if you live in California and are reading this and none of the weather cautions apply to you, I'm not sorry for you. Because you live in California and it's beautiful there all the time. If you live in Minnesota. I apologize for making it seem like the cold winter season is short. 

And though, there are typical colors, and decorative schemes for each season, if you want  sunflowers in December....I say got for it! Just be willing to search high and low and maybe settle for artificial sunflowers. With flowers and decor, it's helpful to look within your season. Know that you can do whatever you want, but you're going to have to work extra hard to get it if you go outside that season...literally, because things cost more when they aren't in season. 

I wish you well in choosing the best time for you and your fiance to join together as husband and wife.  



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P.P.S. Any married folks out there? What season did you get married? Why did or didn't you love it? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!