Caitlin and Andrew: What to do when it rains on your parade.

Let me first say that I have never worked with such a gracious and fun-loving bride and groom (and their entire family) as Caitlin and Andrew. Despite the fact that it torrentially down-poured all day long, soggy shoes couldn't steal this couples joy. 

So what to do when a rainy day steals your thunder (pun intended)? Dance. Laugh. Embrace it. That's what this beautiful couple did, and their mostly outdoor wedding moved indoors couldn't stop them from having the time of their life. 

But that being said, always have a rain plan. And be okay with what that rain plan entails. Having a coordinator the day of your wedding on board and leading the process of bring things inside where it's dry is crucial. As a bride, or groom, or close relative of the bride and the groom, you shouldn't have to do all the work yourself. Having a coordinator can ease that process. Here's a few questions to ask yourself and your planner when choosing an outdoor wedding. 

1. Is there a building nearby that you can use which will fit the size of your wedding? 

2. Is that building able to be rented, or is it part of a package you already have with a venue?

3. Is available for use at date and time of your wedding?

4. Are you okay with the ascetics of the building you may need to use in case of rain? Are you okay with what that may imply for decorations and such?

4. If you plan to use tents or tarps, can they handle strong winds?

5. Are you willing to be flexible and not let a little rain steal your joy?

Hopefully these questions help you to think through the necessity of having a rainy day plan if you are planning an outdoor wedding. 

Best of luck, and stay dry out there.