New Life, New Seasons

May 20th.

It was preschool graduation, and the signalling of the end (at least for now) of my teaching career. It was the weekend that I had at least 3 inquiries for weddings that I had to respectively decline. It was the date our sweet Adelaide Mae was supposed to come.

Yet,  May 20th came and went without the arrival of a little girl. In fact, she waited 16 days past that, to arrive on June 5th at 11:23am. Our lives forever changed in that moment. 

A week after she was born, our dear friend Shannon came, amidst the weariness and new-parent anxiety, and the joy and contentment, to capture the our new life as a family of three. So if you're wondering why I've not been around much. This little gal is why. Though it hasn't stopped her from going to 3 weddings with us in less than 2 months. She's going to take my job someday, I'm sure of it. 

PhotoCred: Shannon Karmel Photography

(Last photo: iPhone candid I took this week)