5 Fun and Spontaneous Date Ideas for Valentines Day

First off, can I start by saying how much I love Valentines day? No, I'm not a hopeless sap. I don't really like watching romantic movies. And my husband doesn't bring my flowers once a month. I would rather watch Captain America, save up for a trip to Disney World, and go to the same place for sushi once a month because it's familiar and I just really like being a regular there. But I still LOVE valentines day. Maybe it's because it always falls around my birthday and so I've always just felt so loved, even when I was a single gal. Or maybe it's just the pink and hearts and snowy magic of it. 

Now that I've spilled my secrets, you're probably wondering why in the world you would take date ideas from someone like me. Maybe because I'm not like everyone else so my ideas are different than your typical, movie...dinner...walk in the park? Ultimately, these are just ideas, and my biggest suggestion is just to be together with the person you care about. Isn't that really all that a date is? Being together? Well in case you want more than just being together, here are a few suggestions. 


1. Be a tourist. Seriously though, if you live in Lancaster county, you know it's filled with tons of tourist traps. Of course, why would a local fall for something like that? Well because it's fun. Even if you're reading this and you're not from Lancaster, find some tourist attractions in your area that you usually avoid, and make a date of it. 

2. Experience Some History. Are there any planetariums or museums near you? Check one or two out. It's a great way to beat the chill outside, learn something new, and be wowed by things we have't explored thoroughly since grade school - unless you're a teacher, scientist, historian, etc, .and then I suppose it's not that exciting. 

3. Go for a Drive. Don't have a plan, or a destination. But do make sure you have a GPS so you can find your way home. That part is key. Bring a shoe box, and a quarter. Heads means you turn right, tails means you turn left. Keep going until you find something interesting. Just make sure you have a full tank of gas (This is where that GPS comes in handy in case you need to find a gas station in a hurry). Bring snacks, or just stop every time you find somewhere fun to eat. 

4. Try Trivia Night. Maybe you just started seeing someone and you're a bit apprehensive about things getting too serious too fast or you've been together for years, and just want a night out with friends away from the kids. Group dates can be super fun, and trivia nights are always informative and ridiculous. 

5. Be a Regular. You know those couples who always frequent the same coffee shop, or have monthly reservations at the fanciest restaurant downtown because they can afford it? Be that person. Own it. Find somewhere you would never go if you were to pick based on norms in your relationship and go there. Wouldn't be caught dead in a diner? Go. You own that diner food. A bit overwhelmed by the thought of a upscale 5 star restaurant, put on your little black dress, or suit and tie, and act like you're there sipping fancy wine every Friday night.  

6. BONUS: Watch cat videos. Seriously. I'm not joking. Cat videos make everything more fun. Keyboard cat is a personal fave, but I'm not too picky. 

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