5 Creative Gift Ideas this Holiday Season for every "Bride-to-be"

Photo by sunemotion/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by sunemotion/iStock / Getty Images

We all dread trying to find that perfect gift during the holiday season. Personally, I'm awful at getting and giving gifts. I'd rather give and get experiences, or make something for others. Most people, however, are not as awkward as me and LOVE giving and getting gifts. Regardless, most of you have a friend, a relative, or a fiance who will be a bride this coming year. Here are a few gift ideas to show her just how wonderful she is to you. 

1.  Purchase her a Massage Therapy Session, or a Day at the Spa. Girls love to be pampered. And when all the stress of seating charts, crazy family dynamics, centerpieces, and finding the perfect dress overwhelm her, why not give her a chance to go out and purposefully relax. She will be so grateful!

2. Sign her up for a Wine Subscription. If your "bride-to-be" is anything like me, she will never turn down a good glass of wine. And how awesome is it that they deliver new wines tailored to her favorite flavor profiles, to her house EVERY month! She doesn't even have to change out of those yoga pants to go to a store. Here are a few subscriptions we like and recommend:

- Wine Down Box

- Bright Cellars

- Winc 

- Organic Wine Company

3. Plan and Pay for an Elaborate Date Weekend. This is a gift even I can appreciate because I'm all about experiences. Amidst the stress of planning a wedding, it's easy to forget that you are ultimately planning and preparing for a marriage, not just a wedding. Even if you are not that bride-to-be's finance, you can still plan a date weekend for her and that wonderful man in her life. Buy them movie tickets, make reservations for dinner and have the bill put on your card, get them tickets to an opera, or ballet in the city, purchase gift cards for their favorite store so they can go shopping together after dinner and a show. The options are limitless and vary depending on your location(Skiing in Colorado, a Broadway show in NYC, Disney World Tickets in Orlando, etc). Have fun with it.

4.  Make her something from the heart. Whether it's a painting that she can hang in her new home, a handspun vase for flowers, a sugar scrub for that dry winter skin, or even a meal on a night you know she's exhausted and weary. Making something for someone is always a thoughtful gift. Examine at what you're good at, and discern how you can bless her with the gifts and talents you already have. 

5. Hire her a Wedding Planner/Coordinator. Though coordinators and planners are some of the most stress-relieving vendors you can hire for a wedding day, would you believe that many brides don't think it's worth the money? In fact, a lot of our brides book us a few months(sometimes even weeks) before their weddings because they become overwhelmed and just need the piece of mind that everything will be taken care of that day. If you want that bride-to-be to have rest and assurance that everything will be taken care of leading up to and on her wedding day, hire a great wedding planner or coordinator. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Just make sure to find someone that she will jive well with! Not all coordinators and all brides are created equal. 


Ultimately, give that bride-to-be lots of love, care and attention this Christmas. Your intentionally and affection is the best gift you could ever give someone. 


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Faith Titus