How it all Started - Camp

A question often asked by clients and friends alike, is how I got started in this business. Well, I'd like to think it started many, many years ago, when I had just graduated high school. 

It was the end of the summer, I had just worked as a senior counselor at a local camp for 7 weeks. A friend (another counselor) and I were in charge of the staff end-of-the-summer banquet decorations and such.

Being a summer kids camp, we had little to work with in way of pretty things, but we wanted to make it nice for our fellow staffers as we celebrated the end of the summer. If you've ever worked at a summer camp, you know, it's one of the most intense jobs you will ever have. No matter what role you play, it's always sure to be a bit crazy. Thus we wanted it to be nice and beautiful. So we went to work at finding what we could to make things as such.

After we were done, considering it was a camp staff banquet, it did look nice! Afterwards, friends around us joked that we should plan their weddings, or that we should be wedding decorators/planners some day. We laughed, but I think seriously, we believed some of what they had to say. 

Flash forward to today, and I find it a bit ironic that both of us have now ended up in the wedding industry. Autumn Kern, my dear camp friend from long ago (who now lives in the same city as me! So cool) is now a wedding photographer. If you haven't heard of her, you need to open another tab on your internet browser now, and go to I'm serious. You can come back to me after you look at her photos and decide you want her to take pictures of all the special moments in your life. 

Did you look? I'll wait if you didn't...okay, good. Now that we have that covered, there's some in between stuff I left out. Obviously neither of us left camp and jumped right into wedding photography and planning. Autumn was a sophomore at college, and I was just getting ready to start college.

I spent almost two years as a Program Coordinator at that camp, organizing events, retreats, and summer camp, before moving to Lancaster to finish my degree. It was intense, but so growing and shaping. More than simply learning skills, I was also learning what drove me and how I was naturally gifted. It showed me my weaknesses and strengths in a very vivid light and set the stage for much of my future. But in leaving camp, I thought I wanted to use my gifts to work with kids. However, once I got to Lancaster for college, I always ended up in leadership roles, planning and coordinating events, and not exactly loving what I was doing when working with kids at my internship and practicum. It came naturally to me, but it wasn't my passion. 

I'll go more into that in my next blog post, but for now, here's the first part of my story. Stay tuned for the rest!